Amazon throws a jab at Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked program

But is it worth it? 

While Best Buy has the Gamers Club, a program that originally was over $100 and is now only $30 for 2 years, which gives you %20 off of almost anything gaming related. Almost, as it doesn’t apply to controllers, consoles or other “niche” items, however for games and other items it’s a great deal.

However, Amazon has now jumped into the very same scene and has thrown some jabs toward Best Buy’s offering. Starting a few days ago, Amazon has tacked on discount that gives all Amazon Prime members %20 off of all pre-ordered games, both new and pre-existing pre-orders, though you’re going to have to talk with Amazon to get it adjusted. A pretty decent addition if you ask me since Amazon tends to carry a larger selection of games, including some games that Best Buy doesn’t.

However it seems that a few, well a lot of my fellow gamers are calling it the end of Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked, yet I don’t see the reasoning why. Yes boys and girls, it’s pros and cons time. So let’s consider the differences here and who comes on top. And for the sake of the article, we’re not looking at anything other than gaming, since we’re a gaming related site. 

Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked   

  • Cost: $30 for 2 years
  • Discount: %20 off All current games, pre-orders, electronic toys such as Skylanders, Amiibo’s and Disney Infinity
  • Pre-order Guarantee: Get the lowest price on all pre-ordered games should it change.
  • Other Bonuses: 10% trade in credit on games, 10% pre-owned games, $10 reward certificate on specific pre-orders, accumulate 2x points toward Best Buy gift certificates. Discount also applies to games on sale.
  • Does not apply to digital software



Amazon Prime:

  • Cost: $99 a year (Amazon Prime subscription)
  • Discount: %20 off all new and previous pre-orders, includes electronic electronic toys such as Skylanders, Amiibo’s and Disney Infinity
  • Pre-order Guarantee: Get the lowest price on all pre-ordered games should it change.
  • Other Bonuses: Free release day delivery / 2 day shipping
  • Does not apply to digital software


So, there we have it. While it’s a nice gesture from Amazon, the facts are that it pales in comparison to Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked. It costs more, it doesn’t apply the discount across the board, nor does it provide any sort of kickback such as gift certificates. In retrospect, the Best Buy Gamers Club Unlocked offers 20% off all games, both new, used and pre-orders, while it also gives you $10 in gift certificates on any pre-orders, 2x points towards Best Buy certificates that can be used on anything in the store / website and finally, the 20% also applies to games on sale.

While Amazon’s offering is a nice gesture, if you want to attempt to sway gamers who are already members of Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked, then there needs to be something more to entice them to jump ship. And to be fair, Amazon Prime offers far more such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Photos and Music, 2-day shipping, access to books and you can even share it with up to two people. However when it comes to gaming, which is why you’re here, it falls flat. Of course if you shop at Amazon exclusively and already have a Prime subscription, then this is right up your alley… or if you just hate Best Buy.

Either way, it’s a win-win for gamers in general and it’s nice to see that Amazon is jumping on the bandwagon, it only goes to promote more gaming sales. Now if they would extend it just a little more, maybe to cover all existing games, that would be icing on the cake.

What do you think? Are you a member of both? Which is more enticing to you or which one will / would you use more? Let us know in the comments below.

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