Spider-Verse Characters Arrive to Marvel Future Fight

Jumping into the fray are three new Spider characters that should familiar to readers of Spider-Verse or any recent Spider-Man related comic. First up is Miles Morales, the second iteration of the Ultimate Spider-Man. Taking up the mantle after the original Ultimate Spider-Man’s apparent death, Miles also possesses a venom blast ability that his predecessor did not have. Next up is Silk, or Cindy Moon. Revealed to have bitten by the same spider that Peter Parker did, and as such is capable of many of the same abilities. However, Silk is also capable of organic webbing from the tips of her fingers. Finally, Spider-Gwen is a Gwen Stacy from an alternate universe in which she is bitten by the radioactive spider. In this universe, Peter Parker is the one who dies. Spider-Gwen dons a white and pink suit/hoodie combination and has quickly become a fan favorite.

All three characters are speed types. Miles’ character biometrics can currently be gained via daily log in rewards. Spider-Gwen and Silk can only be purchased with diamonds or through the daily free biometrics.

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