Shadow Jago becomes a real boy December 4

Ever since Killer Instinct launched on the Xbox One, Shadow Jago has been a bit of a commodity; available only through buying a special launch edition 1-year Xbox Live membership, he had always been proof of the killer instinct in a player’s heart. For about five months, he was a simple reskin of Jago, but the end of the game’s first season ushered Shadow Jago in as a secret boss; complete with his own moves and the game’s first and only Ultimate Combo (Somewhere between an ultra combo and a fatality)  to date. Alas, he was not playable; much to the chagrin of Shago owners the world over. 

However, after the second season ended spring 2015, a community funding campaign for tournament pot bonuses began, and after over $100,000 was raised, a fully-developed and playable Shadow Jago was promised for the end of 2015. Now, it seems that he’s ready to roll, as seen in his newly-released trailer.

As it seems, Shago is even further separated from standard Jago than when he was season one’s boss, with teleports, slides, air fireballs, and more; and that’s pretty cool.

Shadow Jago releases to previous Shadow Jago owners December 4, and will be available for purchase from December 18 – January 15.