The Outerhaven’s 2015 GOTY Picks

What’s up everyone! The year of 2015 is now at the end of the road and of course this is the time where we reflect upon which games were our favorites and from there we have to make the soul crushing decision as to which game, out all of them would b our pick for the 2015 GOTY. And as such we’ll present our picks for the game of the year. And sure, there’s definitely more than 1 GOTY on here for many us, so we cheated a bit.

This year as be especially hard to call out our favorites and the best in our mind, since this year has had some of best game releases in quite some time. Yes friends, 2015 has been one of the best years for gaming and we can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us. 

Now, let’s get on to our picks for GOTY of 2015!



Keith – This was perhaps the main reason why I picked up a PlayStation 4. As a huge fan and addict of the previous Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, so Bloodborne was an obvious choice for me. It simply takes the formula that was perfected in Dark Souls, strips it of it’s shied, speeds up the combat and gives us a unique spin on how to use weapons. After numerous playthroughs with multiple characters and of course the recently released The Old Hunters expansion, It’s no surprise that Bloodborne is my GOTY for 2015.

Adriel –  Bloodborne proves that developers don’t need to reinvent the wheel when making a new game. In essence, Bloodborne is basically Dark Souls with every use of the word “souls” replaced with “blood”; however, additions such as limited regenerating health, dual-wielding, and the world characterization make Bloodborne an experience not worth missing.



Mark – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain made me angry. It was my most anticipated title of the year, it delivered on almost every aspect it promised, and it gave me hours upon hours of enjoyment. I loved it, but we may very well never get a game quite like this ever again. Good luck in the future Konami, because Kojima and his team made one hell of a video game.

Jason – Hideo Kojima’s magnum opus, at least in the Konami era of his career, was one of a multitude of titles from 2015 that were all pushing massive, open worlds and hundreds of hours of gameplay. Unlike its competitors, however, The Phantom Pain played like a hot knife through butter. Taking control of (a) Snake has never felt so good, and the game did a fantastic job of creating a true sandbox where everything is a potential tool. From airstrikes to horse shit, everything had a use and allowed the player to approach missions from a different direction. It is an 80’s action movie, where you’re the director. The game’s structure and story may have left something to be desired for die-hard fans (possibly a result of the dramatic saga of Kojima’s exit from Konami), but it never hurt the moment to moment gameplay, which outdid everything 2015 had to offer. 



Clinton – Sony Santa Monica, to me, is the undisputed king of sports sim gaming, and MLB 15 the Show is no exception to the rule. I’ve spent countless hours playing its many modes, none more than Road to the Show, and I haven’t been less than impressed. It’s the closest thing to playing real baseball without leaving the house, and I don’t feel bad saying that.



Walter – Yeah, yeah. At this point, I know plenty of people are calling Fallout 4 overrated, but it’s all I’ve really been playing on my Playstation 4 for the past month or two (other than a brief break in which I tackled Telltale’s Game of Thrones). I do have Witcher 3 sitting on my desk, but I haven’t had the time to really play it yet. Even as someone who hasn’t ever touched a Fallout game before, Fallout 4 was a pretty great title to jump into.

From my excitement in finding Dogmeat to the thrill of fighting my first Deathclaw, Fallout 4 was a game I was instantly hooked to. The settlement feature is one that I enjoy immensely, and I’m still trying to build up a perfect bar. I’ve taken to trying to collect all the billiards balls on my travels, and it’s little things like this that makes it so enjoyable for me. There’s so many side missions and places to explore that on my second day of playing, I hadn’t even begun to attempt to look for Shaun. While the graphics may be a bit sub-par compared to some of the games I’m sure my colleagues will nominate, the immersion was enough to retain its hold on me. It’s a game I’m sure I’ll be playing for a very long time as I chase the platinum, and perhaps even still afterwards. 



Keith – Who knew a game that combines the fast and furious concepts of cars and pitting them against each other in a game of soccer? Little did I know that when the day this title arrived on PSN and I decided to try it out, that I would be hopelessly hooked. Between the tightly honed game-play, the various customization options and the ability to go head to head with other players in an online arena, I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t played this to do so. You’re be be jumping, flipping and go frantic crazy, as you attempt to help your team get that damned soccer ball in to the opposing teams goal.

But damn if you’ll have fun doing it!

Mark – I didn’t intend to spend too much time with Rocket League. I had only downloaded it because a friend wanted to try it out and play together, so I gave it a shot. Little did I know that it would become one of my most played titles this year. The sheer fun and ridiculousness that comes with playing soccer with cars is unparalleled. Even if you think you won’t enjoy it, try it out. Like me, it may surprise you. 


goty-batman-the-arkham-knightAdriel – Arkham Knight is the first title I have come across that’s in the running for best and worst game of the year. On a gameplay level, it’s amazing, everything feels tight, and aside from the strange amount of tank combat, it really gives the feel of being Batman. However, the PC release was a complete nightmare, being beaten out in infamy this year only by Afro Samurai 2. However, the merits of the game make it worthy of praise regardless, from the engrossing story to the adequately entertaining side quests.



William – You’re probably wondering why I choose Splatoon over Xenoblade X or Smash Bros 4? Couple of reasons. First it was the most surprise hit and greatest gamble for Nintendo. I was quite skeptical when they announced it and wondered how they would fair in the multiplayer shooter genre. Boy was I surprised. It was fun! Simple as that: Fun. It was easy to pick up, but deep enough for complex strategies and that you are always contributing. Second, FREE DLC. In this age of being nickle and dimed for content, Nintendo refuse to do so.  While granted that Splatoon was bare in the beginning, Nintendo brought it and poured in the DLC with new weapons, costumes, and new stages post release! This gets major points. While there are people who play multiplayer only at the beginning of release and then drop it afterwards, Nintendo continues to “keep it fresh” and gave many reasons for players to come back. Then there is the occasional Splatfest.  A Simple fan war, but it is a party and everyone is invited and boy does it get fierce. Believe that salt will be spilled when the results are posted. Lastly, Callie and Marie. Nuff said. That is why Splatoon is my Game of the Year. Stay Fresh!


goty-Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection

Jason – Part of me feels terrible putting The Uncharted Collection into the Game of the Year conversation. After all, it is just three remakes of older games, right? Well, I had more fun with those three remakes than most of the games I played over the entirety of 2015, so Naughty Dog is doing something right. While the games were already gorgeous in their original forms, praise is certainly due to Bluepoint Games for going above and beyond in making sure they remain as relatively beautiful. Revamped controls worked to correct some of the few wrongs done in the franchise’s history (wagging to throw grenades, etc.), and make this the definitive way to play these titles. 



Clinton – Despite being overshadowed by Bethesda’s Fallout 4, The Rise of the Tomb Raider is easily one of my favorite games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The follow-up to the 2013 remake of Tomb Raider, The Rise of the Tomb Raider follows the adventures of Laura Croft, as she sets out to search for the Divine Source. But she’s not alone as the organization, only known as “Trinity” is also after the very same thing and they won’t stop until they get theirs on it or Laura stops them first. A fantastic looking and fun game on either the Xbox One or Xbox 360, this is definitely a game that should not be missed.

And there you have it! The 2015 GOTY  picks from us, The Outerhaven Productions, to you. 2015 was a pretty decent year of gaming, and we’re looking forward to an even better 2016.

Happy New Year, everyone!



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