Max Payne Gets ESRB Rating For PS4

The official website for the ESRB, which is tasked with assigning ratings to games, is now listing Max Payne as a PS4 title. They have given it a rating of “M” for Mature, as a result of the game’s blood and violence (unsurprisingly).


The actually interesting information here is just the fact that a Max Payne game is being listed on the platform at all. At the present time, Rockstar Games has not revealed or hinted at any new title that would be tied to the franchise. The lack of a subtitle could suggest that, indeed, a new Max Payne is on the way in the form of a reboot. However, given the developer’s history, a multiplatform release would be almost a given. At the present time, the rating is solely listed for Sony’s console.

More likely, given the recent announcement of PS2 titles being released on PSN, the game being listed here is another emulation: the PS2 port of the original Max Payne. Does this indicate that another batch of PS2 games is already on the way? Shuhei Yoshida had stated that the library of PS2 classics on the PS4 would be expanded regularly, and we already have seen some titles, such as Dark Cloud 2 and Ape Escape 2, receive ratings and not make the initial drop. Given the heavy presence of Rockstar titles in the first wave, bringing back some of their deeper cuts could certainly be in the cards.