Manga Review: Tokyo Ghoul Volume 4

51-WHPvmcmLTitle: Tokyo Ghoul Volume 4
Author: Sui Ishida

Publisher: Viz Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page count: 192
Genre: Horror, Action
Publication Date:
December 15, 2015

This volume of Tokyo Ghoul is definitely the most gruesome thus far in the series. With the Doves on the alert after the earlier events in the 20th ward, life becomes a little bit more dangerous for Ghouls everywhere. Unfortunately, humans are no longer the only apparent threat to Ghouls. Kaneki is befriended by a suspicious Ghoul known as “The Gourmet.” Supposedly he was friends with Rize. In an attempt to learn more about an unraveling plot in which Rize may have been murdered, Kaneki is tricked into a dangerous situation in which he must unleash his inner demons to survive. The half-human, half-Ghoul learns the hard way why his new friend is called “The Gourmet.”

Final Word:

This series just doesn’t disappoint. Each volume is richly detailed and well written. It was impossible to put this down once I started reading. Here, the reader closely follows Kaneki as he attempts to discover the real cause of Rize’s death. Was it intentional? Was his transplant an accident? Regardless of the fruitless search, it is apparent that Kaneki no longer passively accepts his fate as a half-Ghoul. He begins to learn more than his fair share of information about the Ghoul world. The plot becomes extremely complex and there are a lot of different threads that the reader has to follow. Fortunately, the manga is well-written and it is easy to keep track of the different sub-plots that run parallel to the main story. This volume is packed with gore, action, mystery, and suspense. Sui Ishida really outperforms in this installment and I just don’t know how long I can wait for the next volume to publish.

If you’re not reading this series, you’re not my friend anymore.

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