Assassination Classroom Vol. 7 Review

41qk67UWw+LTitle: Assassination Classroom Vol. 7
Author: Yusei Matsui
Publisher: VIZ Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 192
Genre: Comedy, Action, Sci-Fi
Publication Date: December 1, 2015

Yusei Matsui is back with the seventh volume of Assassination Classroom, a story about an Earth-born alien who destroyed the moon and now serves as the teacher for Class-E: a class of misfit students who are the laughing stock of their academy. The students are charged with the assassination of their teacher by the Japanese government, but he’s kind of the best teacher they’ve ever had. In the seventh volume, the students are in a rivalry with Class-A over who can score higher marks on their exams and afterwards they take a summer vacation on a deserted island where they attempt their greatest assassination plot to date!

Final Thoughts
I’ve seen the first season of the anime and reading the manga felt as if I were going back and re-watching some of those later episodes, which is a good thing because this is a pretty good series from top to bottom so far. The cliffhanger at the end of Vol. 7 sets up Vol. 8 nicely, which ends up being the conclusion to season one in the anime. If you’ve seen the anime then you already know what is to come in volume 8 and Nagisa fans should be pretty pleased with it! If you haven’t seen the anime then, still, Nagisa fans should be pretty pleased when they read it!  


The conclusion of the exam arc still shined through here although if you picked up this volume first and began reading it, you might have wondered just what dragons and demons were doing in the manga. Those dragons and demons were symbolic of the questions they were answering pertaining to their difficulty. It added a nice shonen battle feel to a manga that really isn’t about shonen battles. The plot to kill Koro-sensei was pretty elaborate and clever. I liked the execution and I could clearly see how the anime adapted each page as well. The anime really followed this volume faithfully as I didn’t recognize anything that was different! We also get to see a little bit of character development with Karma.  He is one of the characters that seriously needed it after starting off strong and then just falling into mediocrity.  Season two hasn’t aired and I haven’t read any of the chapters for what will become volume 9 so whether or not Karma continues his development remains to be seen.

Overall, it was a pretty good volume that concluded the cliffhanger from volume 6 and left you wanting more with volume 8 all while packing in some great action and entertainment in between. If you’re into Assassination Classroom and you don’t yet have this volume, I highly recommend going out and picking it up as it is worth it!

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