Fallout Shelter Update Adds Pets! (And a Few Other Things)

As you wandered the wastelands of Fallout 4, you may have come across some vaults with pets running around. You may then have wondered why this wasn’t an option in the mobile Fallout Shelter. Well, you’re in luck! With the latest update, Bethesda’s mobile management game now allows for both dogs (such as the lovable Dogmeat) and cats to be added into your very own vault. In addition to our furry friends, the following has also been added to the game:

  • Vault Seers (you, the player) now have the ability to kick out vault-dwellers
  • New dialogue added between dwellers
  • “Sell all” option (no need to keep tapping your screen!)
  • Optimization improvements

Fallout Shelter can be downloaded on iOS and Android for free, so go check it out!

About The Author

Walter Mack
Daily News Staff

Walter is a California native. He is currently in his last year of college pursuing a B.A. in English, but is often mistaken for a freshman...or a middle school tourist on occassion. His earliest gaming experience was Pokemon Red version on the Gameboy color, which he played actively. He would dabble with the Nintendo 64 and Playstation 2 for a bit before transitioning to many years of F2P MMOs. He then moved on to League of Legends, with whom he as an on and off again relationship. He currently spends most of his game time on his Playstation 4. He's also a bit of a Marvel nut.