Is Epic Games Shadow Complex getting remastered for PC?

Well if this is any indication, then yes it looks like the award winning Xbox 360 title, Shadow Complex, is indeed getting a remastered version for PC. Spotted over at is a listing for one Shadow Complex Remastered and the system listed is PC. Pegi is the rating board overseas, similar to what we have in North America’s a ESRB. Shadow Complex originally was released on the Xbox 360 back in 2009 as a Xbox Live title and still has a massive following.

It definitely was one of the more enjoyable Metroidvania titles to be released back then and it’s still a fun title to play today.


Meaning that if a title is to be released, it has to pass through Pegi for a rating, and seeing how Shadow Complex Remastered is listed, there’s a good chance this is legit.

Sadly there’s not an official word form Epic Games regarding the official stance of the title or not, but hopefully we’ll hear something soon.