Combofiend shows off Street Fighter V F.A.N.G’s potential in First to Five against Mike Ross

Fans of Street Fighter all across the net have been reeling ever since Street Fighter V’s last launch character, F.A.N.G was revealed at PSX; but after questions of his fitting in the series and complaints about his body shape, people began to wonder how exactly he played. 
Well, that question has been answered not with words, but with action; Capcom USA Community Manager Peter “Combofiend” Rosas took on FGC personality Mike Ross in a first-to-five set in SFV, playing only as F.A.N.G.

It seems that F.A.N.G is a primarily a zoning character that relies heavily on both his ability to apply poison to the enemy for sizable damage and his erratic movement to keep him safe. Combofiend has also confirmed via Twitter that F.A.N.G is charged-based as opposed to motion-based.

 Source: IGN