Assassin’s Creed Collection In The Works?

Can’t get enough of that serialized, action-packed revisionist history that is Assassin’s Creed? Thanks to NeoGAF user “ekim”, we now know that Ubisoft has registered the domain name for what appears to be an upcoming “Assassin’s Creed Collection”. Will this collection allow fans to relive the series from humble beginnings up to today’s yearly blockbusters? Will it include more recent entries, such as the controversial Unity?

The short answer is that we have no idea. At this point, all that we know for sure is that this newly registered webpage is being hosted by Ubisoft, and at the moment is not active.

We can speculate, however. Syndicate, the most recent entry in the series, also had the worst launch week in the history of the franchise. Ubisoft attributed that to the issues regarding Unity, but some would suggest there could be fatigue with the series in general. It has gotten to the point where the company will not release hard sales data, a tell-tale sign that not all is as it should be. The game ended up coming in ninth place in the November NPD.

This collection could be a stop-gap as Ubisoft takes some time to rethink the franchise for the next installment, perhaps even pushing it back past the standard yearly release window. Alternatively, perhaps Ubisoft is simply looking to jump on an opportunity that has been staring them in the face for years.    

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