It’s that time of the year where both family and friends alike are scrambling to find that perfect gift for the geek in their lives. Well, why not let the folks here help you out, I mean we’re all geeks here and we’ve come up with a few suggestions that just might help you in your pursuit of geek shopping madness.

All listings include the current pricing, not counting sales and where you can find them.

Moga Pro Power Android Gaming Controller

Keith: Being an avid Android user, I tend to take a few minutes out of my busy life and like to relax with a game or two. Of course gaming on just a touch screen is no fun, but thankfully I have my trusty Moga Pro Power Android Gaming Controller to help out with that. Normally costing more than what is being asked for now, this baby accommodates a 200 mAh battery, for those super long gaming sessions, dual analog sticks, a d-pad and a nice form that allows a comfortable grip. And unlike some other Android gaming controllers, this works with Android 2.3 and up, so most Android device users won't ruin into any compatibility issues with this. Whats more, since this is Bluetooth enabled, you can also use this on a tablet, booth Android, Windows and even iOS, as well as a full fledged desktop if need be. 

About the size of an Xbox controller, just as comfortable and runs just about anything you throw at it, gaming-wise, you can't go wrong with this and it makes a nice stocking stuffer  as well.

Amazon $34.99

Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One and Xbox 360

The Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox One)

Clinton: Despite being overshadowed by Bethesda's Fallout 4, The Rise of the Tomb Raider is easily one of my favorite games for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The follow-up to the 2013 remake of Tomb Raider, The Rise of the Tomb Raider follows the adventures of Laura Croft, as she sets out to search for the Divine Source. But she's not alone as the organization, only known as "Trinity" is also after the very same thing and they won't stop until they get theirs on it or Laura stops them first.

A fantastic looking and fun game on either the Xbox One or Xbox 360, this is definitely a game that should not be missed.

Amazon - Xbox One $59.99 & Xbox 360 $49.99
Rise of the Tomb Raider Xbox One and Xbox 360

Loot Crate Subscription

Keith: Ah, Loot Crate, the gift keeps on giving. With each month comes a different theme and tons of surprises, ranging from t-shirts, cool toys and collectibles, to comics, books, and much more. And since you can do just one single box for $13.96 + $6.00 S&H, you can pick and choice which one you want, either for your friends, family or just for your self. Or go one step further and get them all for a year, either way works. And they have just about everything that a gamer, geek or anime lover would want with their many different gift boxes! 

Plus, every month there's a chance that one lucky subscriber will win the MEGA CRATE, a massive collection of super cool stuff such as electronics, gaming systems, appareal and other stuff that won't fit into the conventional Loot Crates , valued at $2000.00. 

Loot Crate Subscription - 1 Month $13.95 + $6.00 S&H, 3 Months $13.23 + $6.00 S&H, 6 Months $12.95 + $6.00 S&H, 12 Months $11.95 + $6.00 S&H.

Combiner Wars 2015 - Titan Class  Devastator

Keith: When it comes to the Transformers and the Decepticons, there's no one more powerful than the Constructicons and their combined form of Devastator. Standing at 18 inches high, this mighty tower of pure evil stands along side Megatron/ Galvatron and does his bidding. The package includes all 8 Constructicons; Constructicon Scrapper, Constructicon Hook, Constructicon Bonecrusher, Constructicon Long Haul, Constructicon Mixmaster and Constructicon Scavenger, all who can transform to and from vehicle and robot mode, as well as their ultimate Devastator mode.

I used to have these when I was younger, but their older versions are a far-cry from what this new Titan Class Devastator is. Stacking on our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide at $139.99, it's a tad over the $100.00 limit, but worth every penny to the Transformer fan in your life or just for yourself.

Amazon $139.99 - $149.99
TFsource $109 (Black Friday Deal)

Steins Gate: Complete Series Classic [Blu-ray]

Josh: This is, hands down, my favorite anime of all time because not only does it cover my favorite science fiction genre of time travel, it does it in such a way where it’s probably not THE most accurate portrayal, but close enough!  The humor, drama, and story is absolutely fantastic and I can’t recommend this series enough!

Amazon - $31.97

Razer Naga Gaming Mouse

Josh: Okay… if you’re way into PC Gaming and are a part of the master race, then you know three buttons just doesn’t cut it in a mouse and either you’ve ran your gaming mouse into the ground or, for some unspeakable reason, you don’t have one yet.  Well the king of gaming mice have their Naga Classic available featuring a comfortable grip that fits the contour of your hand as well as many reprogrammable buttons! Can’t go wrong! - $79.99

Funko POP Vinyls

Karl: Pick a Pop, any Pop. Basically if there is a license for it, the guys over at Funko have grabbed it. Just about anything that can be a Pop Vinyl is a Pop Vinyl or will be a Pop Vinyl. From Marvel superheroes, to classic movie monsters, to cartoons, to anime. Pick a title and start collecting. Most common Pop Vinyls will set you back about $10 each, but you’ll quickly find your wallet empty as you buy them all… Aka, this stuff is addictive!

Amazon - $10 - $20

S.H. Figuarts Sailor Moon

Karl:  Let’s face it, at some point we all watched Sailor Moon. Don’t lie, you know you did. So what better way to show off your Moonie love than by buying Usagi/Sarina/Sailor Moon in one of the best figures available from Japan. S.H. Figuarts are the highest of the high when it comes to quality moulds with amazing posing ability and attention to detail that cannot be matched by any other brand in the world. A word of warning, collecting S.H. Figuarts can quickly become addictive.

Amazon: $38

Fallout 4 Hoodie

Mark: Fallout 4 is one of the most anticipated titles of this year, so you may as well celebrate it in style! It might not be a Vault jumpsuit, but you can't go wrong with this hoodie this winter.

Get your own Fallout 4 hoodie over at Bethsoft for currently for $45.00.

Qanba Q1 PS3 & PC Joystick

Clinton: If you're in the FGC, and you're looking for a low priced entry point into the arcade stick world, or just need a good stick for an arcade cabinet that you're building, the Qanba Q1 is your best bet. The Q1 is compatible with the PS3 or the PC, so you can play all the newest and hottest fighting games, as well as play games on MAME in an authentic fashion.

Amazon: $79.99

The New Day WWE T-Shirt

Clinton: The New Day may be the hottest act in professional wrestling today, and all you have to do is FEEL THE POWAH! Check out their newest T-Shirt on WWE Shop, which is full of positive vibes and unicorn magic, for the positive people in your life.

WWE Shop: $19.99

PlayStation TV

Mark: I don't know about you, but I don't particularly like playing long RPGs on the go. Which is a shame, because the Vita has a ton of great ones! With the Playstation TV, you no longer have to stare at a small screen while playing Persona 4 Golden. How cool is that? This thing also frequently goes on sale, making it a sound gift choice this holiday season.

Amazon: $36.84

Star Wars Supreme Edition Chewbacca Mask

Jason: Star Wars is back, and what better time than now to buy the likeness of everyone's favorite Wookie. Sure, it's a bit pricey, but these things are the real deal. Just don't try and wear it when you see The Force Awakens, the theaters aren't having any of that this time around.  

Amazon: $97.98

Distant Worlds: Music From Final Fantasy

Jason: If you know Final Fantasy then you know they feature some of the best soundtracks period. The Distant Worlds Tour has been doing a great job of taking a lot of this music, many of which were simple MIDI melodies, and putting on great orchestrated shows with them. They have three albums out as of now, and they make a great little gift for JRPG fans. 

Amazon: 8.99 - 12.95 per CD

Hidden Blade from Assassins Creed Syndicate

William: *gasp* A non-Nintendo product?! Yes. For any AC fan, this is a perfect gift. The gauntlet is very well made and matches general hand sizes. The blade itself is also smart and has a better safety lock. It's very pretty and sturdy. Personally Recommend it.

Gamestop: $39.99

Xenoblade Chronicles X

William: As we wind down the year, nothing is a bigger games for the Wii U than with Xenoblade Chronicles X. Kiss your social life goodbye as you explore the world of Mira and the endless activities you can do. Plus there are gundams/skells you can pilot! Need I say more? And if you can spare more, upgrade to the collectors edition. Very good bonuses.

Amazon: Regular $59.96 / Special Edition $89.99

Hadoken plush

Adriel:  The hadoken: icon of icons and bane of scrubs the world over. The power is now in your hands. Cast in the iconic design of classic fighting video game series Street Fighter, the plush ball seamlessly mimics martial artist Ryu's special projectile attack, the Hadoken Fire Ball. Collectible enthusiast[s], cosplayers, and Street Fighter fans alike can display their affection for the beloved world warrior in Ki-based projectile form.

Get yours here

History of the Turtles: Leonardo 8-Pack

Karl: For the toy collector nerd in all of us, the History of the Turtles: Leonardo 8-Pack is a Toys Я Us exclusive action figure set containing eight Leonardo figures from throughout the series' history.

This set includes:

  • Original Comic Book Leonardo (2014 action figure)
  • 1988 Cartoon Leonardo (1988 action figure)
  • 1990 Movie Star Leo (1991 action figure)
  • Ninja Turtles Next Mutation Leonardo (1997 action figure)
  • 2003 Cartoon Leonardo (2003 action figure)
  • TMNT Fast Forward Leonardo (2006 action figure)
  • 2012 Animated Leonardo (2012 action figure)
  • 2014 TMNT Movie Leonardo (2014 action figure)

This set is something that TMNT fans throughout the years will love to have in their collection. The only flaw (outside of including the 2014 movie version) is the lack of the 2007 TMNT CGI Movie

Toysrus: $89.99

Garmin Vivofit Active

Liz: In a market over-saturated by fitness monitors and smart watches, Garmin remains devoted to the niche market of fitness junkies who don't need to check Facebook from their wristwatch. Sure, the Apple watch is pretty and has a ton of functionality, but Garmin remains top notch with GPS tracking and fitness apps – something both Apple and Android enabled watches are lagging behind in. I've been searching for an affordable smart watch for a while now and at the end of the day I keep going back to the Vivofit Active which isn't really a smart watch at all. It's a nice fitness tracker with some of the flashy features of smart watches and all of the great features everyone loves from the Garmin Forerunner series. In GPS mode, this watch has ten hours of battery life. That is fairly impressive compared to similar models that die after two hours in GPS mode. Garmin is also great with providing updates for the Vivoactive, improving its functionality all of the time. This doesn't have a heart rate tracker built in, but any fitness addict knows that wrist monitors aren't accurate. You can buy this bundled with the chest strap heart monitor or without.

Amazon: $170

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Manga AKA JoJonium volume 1

Adriel: Looking for a gift for a budding anime fan? Why not introduce them to one of the most culturally explosive series' on the market? JoJo's Bizarre adventure is full of action, passion, and intrigue and lives up to its boisterous name and reputation. 

Amazon: $15

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