YouTube Puts Japanese Music Behind Paywall

The launch of YouTube RED has been pretty controversial as of yet, but the latest act by Google has continued that controversy and this time it is affecting a pretty niche audience here in the United States.  That audience consists of American fans of Japanese music.  Several artists in Japan are having their videos disabled to free users of YouTube and those videos are being moved behind the YouTube RED Paywall.  Bands AKB48 and P-VINE have already felt the move to YouTube RED, but it is still unclear if the bands themselves are aware of the move or if they even know about Google’s new service since most of their content is usually on Nico Nico Douga, which is the Japanese version of YouTube.

Music isn’t the only thing being affected either as ESPN has already pulled most of its content from YouTube citing “rights and legal issues” as the sole reason for the removal.  Many people are worried that YouTube RED will slowly force people into the subscription service by taking away everything that they have enjoyed for free.  

If you are wondering, here is the current list of channels that are being blocked here in the U.S. unless you happen to have a YouTube RED subscription (thanks to for the list):

  • Victor Entertainment (and channels by acts under them like Sakanaction, Southern All Stars, Hoshino Gen, and Leo Ieiri)
  • Columbia Music Japan (and channels by acts under them like TRUSTRICK, clammbon, and Not yet)
  • Up-Front (and channels by acts under them like Morning Musume, Juice=Juice, LoVendoЯ, and C-ute)
  • AKB48
  • SKE48
  • HKT48
  • NGT48
  • Pony Canyon (and channels by acts under them like aiko, w-inds., Katahira Rina, and cinema staff)
  • Teichiku (and channels by acts under them like Sayuri Ishikawa and X4)
  • dreamusic
  • P-VINE
  • Zankyo Record
  • sputniklab
  • Yonezu Kenshi
  • Ling Tosite Sigure
  • Yasuda Rei
  • Stardust
  • Yamaha
  • Flower
  • The GazettE
  • Flying Dog (and channels by acts under like Maaya Sakamoto)
  • Being (and channels by acts under like B’z, Mai Kuraki, Meiri Alaha, and BREAKERZ)
  • Danger Crue
  • Resistar Records
  • Faith Music (and channels by acts under them like andymori and SHISAMO)

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