What the hell? Konami closes down Kojima Productions – Rumor

Ok, this day simply can’t get any worse for Konami fans. First they announced that an unnamed Contra title was heading to the mobile market for iOS and Android devices and now we get wind that Konami has just shut down Kojima Proctions LA studio, forcing at least 35 employees from their jobs. 

Are you kidding us all, Konami?

Fact is the writing was already on the wall with Kojima already being out of the picture, and now it seems that Konami is hell bent on removing anything involving him from the company. Sadly that includes running the Metal Gear franchinse into the ground. George Broussard, first broke the news at the very least states that this was a rumor that was passed on to him. And well, rumors are just that, rumors, but George has been on the forefront of multiple closings in recent, so he may just be on the money here as well.

After after George’s tweet, Sam Thompson of Sony Computer Entertainment American, follows up about the news as well. Can’t be sure if he got wind of this from George or if another source also tipped him off, but here’s his tweet.

Update: Looks like the rumors maybe true, as VG247 has also followed up on the news and is claiming that it’s all true. 

Such a bad situation all the way around, especially after the release of the smash hit, Metal Gear Solid V. However, oddly enough this also confirms what was stated earlier this year that Kojima Productions was indeed dissolved, as originally claimed by the Venom Snake voice actor in July 2015. The question now is what’s going to happen with Metal Gear Online 3? Surely if the studio that prided its self with the launch of not only MGSV but also the online portion gone, is it only a matter of time before MGO3 ends up in the same position?

Guess we’ll just have to see what the former Kojima Studios talent ends up posting on twitter, especially if this is all true. And if this is all true, then it’s just terrible to see Konami treat the team that brought multiple hits to the company, hell even made the company what they are… scratch that, what they used to be in the first place.

But then again, maybe they’re just on vacation, just like Kojima is. Right, Konami?

Source: Twitter, VG247

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