“Slain”, a gory throwback to action hack & slashers from the 80’s & 90’s coming soon

You know me, I’m a huge fan of games that are based on recapturing the fun and excitement of gaming in the 80’s in 90’s. Games that are modeled after some of the best games of gaming history; Contra, Castlevania, Gradius, Darius, Actraiser, Mega Man and well, the list goes on and go, but I’m sure you get the hint. So when the chance comes to help those causes by either donating to a Kickstarter, spreading the news of said title or helping with alpha and beta testing, I’m typically ready to led a helping hand. It’s an honor and a pleasure.

However there are times when a game escapes my glance and usually don’t find out about it until it’s about to go to it’s final build and on its way to Steam, PSN, Xbox Live or retail. Sadly  does happens. So you can imagine that I’m pretty bummed about a game that I only now just caught wind of and that game is “Slain“. 


A title that has been in development by Wolf Brew Games since 2013,which very close to being released for the PC (Q4 2015) and later on for the PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita and Wii U in 2016, Slain looks to be  combination of games such as Castlevania, Golden Axe, Ghost and Goblins, Rastan (remember that game?) , Slaughterhouse and even some Dark Souls with the brutally difficult game-play. 

And the helm of Slain is Wolf Brew Games, an indie dev house that has quite surprise regarding their in-house talent as the company has several key players who have been involved in the video game industry for some time; Andrew Gilmour (Naughty Dog, Ritual Entertainment) and Asa Dang (GTAV designer). Two members who’ve been involved in the game for a while, always good for an adventurous new project.

“A  gothic puzzle-combat platformer with gore galore. A homage to the gory hack and slash games of the ‘80s and ‘90s.”

In Slain, you’ll control the hero of the game, Bathoryn,  as he attempts overtake 7 great towers from 7 deadly overlords. As such you’re given the lovely job of reaching said towers and traveling through zones of great danger, where every misstep can lead to your death, a violent and gory death. And then there’s the business of removing that current nasty overlord from the tower and I’m sure they won’t leave easily.

Sounds like a challenge!

Slain releases on the PC via Steam on December 9, 2015 and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on it and give it a go. While there isn’t a price on Steam just yet, be sure to check out the store page here.

*Update* actually, the game got delayed until January 27th 2016 for the PC – read here for more on the delay.

What about you?

For more info on Slain, be sure to head on over to the official website at www.wolfbrewgames.com/slain/

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