The New Xbox One Experience now available, Backwards Compatibility coming soon

Alright fellow Xbox One owners, today is the day when you’ll be able to download the New Xbox One Experience for your Xbox One systems. This update gives the UI a much-needed cosmetic change, increases the functionally of the UI and the Xbox One Store and even adds new features to your Xbox One. The download started rolling out this morning at 12:01AM PST, so by now everyone in North America can download the update.  And for everyone else, if you don’t elect to download the patch, by November 23, 2015, you won’t have a choice as it’s a mandatory download.

And trust me, you’re going to love it. I was lucky enough to be enrolled in the preview for the New Xbox One Experience and loved it, that is until I traded my Xbox One for an Xbox One Elite bundle, and wasn’t able to get the download back. 

Now regarding the Xbox 360 backwards compatibility for the first 104 announced games, that won’t be released until later on today at 12:01PM PST, so down expect it right away. However once it does, all you’ll have to do is pop in your Xbox 360 titles into the Xbox One and it will start to download the digital copy of the games. For a list of the initial 104 announced Xbox 360 titles that are backwards compatible, click here.

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