The Dream is Dead. Batman: Arkham Knight PC will not support SLI or Crossfire

Remember when WB Games and Rocksteady stated that after all the crap that the PC gamers had to endure, that they promised that they were still working on the PC port and that they acknowledged that both SLI and Crossfire support was busted. That all said, they would continue to work on that and make it work.

“We are still working with our GPU partners to add full support for SLI and Crossfire. In addition, we are working with these partners to address stability issues on certain cards related to the latest drivers.”

Yeah, well…. don’t hold your breathe, unless you have a death wish. Yes friends, WB Games, Rocksteady and whoever else was involved in this train wreck, have decided that it wasn’t worth the time and effect to get either SLI or Crossfire support  working in Batman: Arkham Knight after all.


So, after a crappy release, stopped sales and 4 months of development work later, we still have a game that is still in no better shape than it was previously and now with less features. Gee, thanks WB Games & thanks Rocksteady, you really know how to make a fan feel like a million bucks when it comes to supporting them. So to everyone who can get their refunds still, do it. For everyone else, I don’t know what to tell you.

Me? I’m uninstalling this crappy port from my machine and hiding it in Steam so I that never have to see it again.

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