Classic Ken and Ryu appear in a new Street Fighter V tutorial mode

Ever since the second wave of the Street Fighter V online beta ended, many players have been going through withdrawal; falling victim to fits of depression and being unable to go back to Street Fighter IV. Well, though it may not be the full experience, Capcom has just patched the SFV beta to include a short tutorial featuring Ken and Ryu.

That’s not all though; outside of the gameplay, the tutorial is laid out in a sort of comic-book style,  and the gameplay itself features Ryu and Ken in coutfits reminiscent of their looks in the  Street Fighter Alpha series, meaning that these and possibly more “classic” costumes will be making it into the game at some point. 

It is currently unknown if this tutorial is simply its own short mode, or if it is a snippet of Street Fighter V’s story mode.  

Regardless, if you need your fix, boot up the beta try out this neat little tutorial (though it still won’t connect you to the servers).

Street Fighter V arrives on February 16, 2016 for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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