Midgar Studios CEO speaks on the PS4 and Xbox versions of Edge of Eternity

You guys remember Edge of Eternity, right? It’s that RPG that’s very similar to Final Fantasy, actually it’s a homage to it, we talked about it a lot earlier this year and I even jumped on the Kickstarter for it. If not, well chck the site, there’s tons of me doing nothing but singing it’s praises. However today is a different issue, oen I’m said to report on. It seems that during the past Paris Games Week, Wccftech had caught up with the CEO & Managing director of Midgar Studio’s, Jérémy ZELER-MAURY.


During that interview, they spoke about the upcoming RPG, however there was a bit of depressing news about the title. It seems that while the PlayStation 4 is running at a trueHD resolution at 1080p@30fps, the Xbox One is a bit of a concern as it’s only running at 720p@30fps. If that doesn’t shock you as an issue, I don’t what is.

Actually, Edge of Eternity is running at FullHD on PlayStation 4 but only at 720P on Xbox One. I have a huge problem for running the game on Xbox One, but the PlayStation 4 version is really okay, at 30FPS (both versions).

It’s an interesting read, a bit disappointing for the Xbox One crowd, as he goes on to state what the reasons are why the Xbox One version seems to be the inferior version. If you own an Xbox One and planned on picking up the title for that platform, you may want to give it a read here


And for those who already checked it out, what do you think? Is it an issue of the Xbox One simply not being powerful enough or perhaps the fault of the development? I can’t say either currently, but the Xbox One has put out some visually impressive titles, such as Forza Motorsport 5 & 6, Tomb Raider to name a fewhowever on the flipside that came with a drop in graphical fidelity.


Source: Wccftech.com

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