Marvel Future Fight Adds Jessica Jones and New Uniforms

With Marvel’s Jessica Jones arriving on Netflix this Friday, Netmarble has launched patch 1.7 for their mobile game, Marvel Future Fight. While the addition of Jones comes as no surprise, the addition of 4 new uniforms: Daredevil’s outfit from the Netflix show, a short haired variant of Daisy Johnson/Quake from Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Iron Fist’s New Avengers outfit, and my personal favorite, the Superior Spider-Man outfit for Doctor Octopus (which changes his gameplay and type to Combat) did come as a shock (though a welcome one). See below for outfit bonuses:


Patch 1.7 also adds level 6 skills for the following characters: Daredevil, Daisy Johnson, Lincoln Campbell, Sif, Deathlok, Phil Coulson, Malekith, Angela, Ultron, Mockingbird, and Doctor Octopus.

At the moment, there is no word on how to unlock Jessica Jones, though she’s purchasable for 2,500 crystals in a package. Netmarble has never really been unfair to free to play players, so expect to see some sort of announcement for a new mission or to see her as a reward for Battleworld. I’ll make an edit to this post once more is announced.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will air its full first season on Netflix this Friday (November 20th). Marvel Future Fight is available for both iOS and Android.

edit: Netmarble is running a weeklong log-in event for Jessica Jones biometrics. She can also be obtained through Combat biometrics.

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