Let this cutesy Funko Pop! Voltron be the defender of your room

Its no secret that I absolutely love collecting the various hundreds of Funko Pop! Vinyls that are out in the world, but perhaps none so much as the one that I’m waiting on currently. Yes friends, Funko has gone and produced a Voltron POP! Vinyl of all things and I want it… NOW!

Behold! The Lion Voltron, complete with his Blazing Sword. Doesn’t this just bring back some of your past childhood memories, well at least those old enough to remember him that is. My only hope now is that they’ll also do the vehicle Voltron as well, and perhaps a robeast or two.

Currently I’ve only see this guy available for pre-order over at Dorkside Toys for $9.99. Supposedly we’ll see this shipping around December 2015, at least we can only hope so.

voltron (2)

Can’t wait for this guy to arrive in my mailbox.

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