Issues with Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility? There Seems to be Some.

This past Thursday saw Microsoft officially roll out the New Xbox One Experience, and along with it came Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility, a highly requested feature for the Xbox One by Xbox owners. Over 100 games came with this new update, including the complete Gears of War franchise, the Sega Genesis-era Sonic the Hedgehog main storyline games (1, CD, 2 and 3,) the Nintendo 64 classics Perfect Dark and Banjo-Kazooie, and more. Microsoft has even gone as far as to make available DLC free for certain games, such as the original Borderlands, and even for Fallout 3 (by popping in the 2nd disc of the GOTY edition.) Some of the games also look better and perform smoother than it’s original counterpart.

However, there seems to be a couple issues with some of the backwards compatible games, mostly related to input lag, and frame rate drops.

Neogaffers are reporting some issues with Gears of War 3, Dirt 3 and Gears of War Judgment, where in Gears Judgment, placing the game on an external HDD seems to improve performance, however, for Dirt 3 and Gears of War 3, there seems to be significant frame rate issues. There were also reported issues with the Genesis-era Sonic games and Call of Juarez: Gunslinger in terms of input lag, but that doesn’t seem to be substantiated.

A fix, at least temporary, is to install your Xbox 360 games on a USB 3.0 external hard disk to improve the performance of your games.

Here’s hoping there will be future fixes for these small issues, however, Microsoft has done a bang up job bringing a portion of the Xbox 360 library to the current generation of gaming, while keeping a promise to listen to their audience, ensuring the Phil Spencer reign over the Xbox Kingdom continues gaining momentum.

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