Hold off on picking up the Xbox One wireless adapter for Windows 10 just yet

If you’re thinking about picking up an Xbox One controller and the Xbox One wireless adapter for Windows 10, you may want to hold off on that for a bit. While it was reported a month or so back there was an issue with the driver installs for Windows 10, that issue was corrected. However there are still other on-going issues where the new update is causing BSOD’s on Window 10 enabled PCs, the connection between the adapter and controller constantly drops during game-play or after a reboot and other reports that I’ve confirmed through my own testing, where the controller will simply stop responding and will not connect to the PC via the adapter or USB cable.

That last part is the kicker as the only way to repair the connection is to connect it to an Xbox One console, which resets the pairing. And if you don’t have an Xbox One console, well you effectively have a bricked controller. And as I stated, I’ve tested this on my own. In fact I’m sitting here right now attempting to use the same controller that I used no more than 30 minutes ago in a game, which is now not responding to anything. Luckily I have an Xbox One, so I’ll just repair this when I get home. Though not everyone else is as fortunate.

And as for those reports? You can check them out here, here, here and yes even here.


I’m not sure what’s going on over at Microsoft, but while I was singing the praises for their Xbox One Elite wireless controller, their Xbox One wireless adapter can take a short trip over a long edge, if you know what I mean.

Get this fixed Microsoft!

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