GTA Online Friday the 13th Weekend

Halloween has come and gone, and following soon are the limited edition Grand Theft Auto Online Halloween items. If you haven’t already purchased them, the two Halloween vehicles Lurcher Hearse and Franken Stange will only be in stock for the rest of this weekend before it gets pulled. You own it permanently after purchase, so whether you’re a collector or just want a car to show off, here’s your chance. There is also an assortment of Halloween masks that won’t be available for purchase once this weekend ends.

To close out the Halloween DLC, Rockstar is also giving out 3 limited edition shirts to everyone that logs in this weekend. Three shirts for each day:
Friday 11/13: The Simian
Saturday 11/14: Vampires On The Beach
Sunday 11/15: Splatter and Shot


And finally, the Event Playlist and all land races will result in double RP and GTA cash. The new Slasher mode that arrived with the Halloween DLC will stay permanently as a game mode.