Apparently Cammy has been censored in Street Fighter V as well

Yesterday, the Street Fighter community was up in arms as it was noticed that R.Mika’s Super Art was cosmetically censored and her initial butt slap was removed from view, yet the sound was still there. In addition the final animation which originally showed her opponents lets being split between R.Mika and her trainer was changed to a regular falling animation. 

Well today comes more Street Fighter V censorship news, as Cammy has also fell victim to the Capcom’s censorship changes.  I don’t know about you, but this feels like I’m back in the 90’s. Remember how many games such as Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat had to be censored before they were allowed on the Super Nintendo? Yep, it feels like this.


Cammy before the censor


And Cammy after the censor

Normally when Cammy comes in for a match, she lands in during her intro and crouches as she lands. The camera was slightly below her and as such her crouch and hind legs were more exposed. Well the censorship now puts the camera at a slight higher angle and camera pans more to the right, pushing her butt out of the picture. And let’s be honest, while this does not to hinder Cammy, or even remove her sexy character appeal, it does poses the question what happened to force Capcom to make these changes. These are the very same builds that have been around for some time and even at several major conventions and events, so it’s quite possible that several birds have been chirping at Capcom’s ears.


We’ve reached out to Capcom what’s the reasoning behind these changes, so let’s hope they get back to us and give the community the reasoning behind the changes. Either way, both the Chunster and Laura better watch out, since they’re the only two females who haven’t been censored just yet… or have they?

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