Guide: Accessing the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC

Have you beaten Bloodborne so many times that you’ve reached NG++++? But are you ready to tackle the Old HUnters DLC for the game? You are? Great! What’s that, you don’t know where to do to get to the fun stuff? Well, we can help with that.

How to access the Old Hunters DLC:

If there’s one thing about FROMSOFTWARE, they love to make even the simplest thing, well hard. They did it in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls and the tradition continues here. So let’s go over the steps needed to get to that lovely DLC.


  1. First, you need to make sure you’ve purchased the DLC or have a copy of Bloodborne that includes the DLC.
  2. Now go kill that boss over at Cathedral Ward, if you haven’t that is. 
  3. Now that the boss is gone, be sure to check out the altar at the back of the room and then change the game to night time.
  4. Next head on over to the Hunter’s Dream and pick up the Eye of the Blood-Drunk Hunter from one of the messengers. If you’re not sure what the messengers are, they look like this.
  5. Alright, you got the Eye of the Blood-Drunk Hunter, so now you can head over to Oeden Chapel and depart via the left-hand exit. You’ll now be in the square.
  6. Head over to the right-hand side area of the square and an event will trigger. Afterward, you’ll be headed towards the Hunter’s Nightmare, which is the new area where the Old Hunters DLC takes place.
  7. Lastly, be sure to like the lantern before you go off exploring and eventually die, otherwise you’ll have to take the long way back and do this steps all over again.

That’s it! Pretty easy now that you know what you’re doing, right? Well, enjoy!

The Old Hunters DLC for Bloodborne releases on November 24, 2015, for the PlayStation 4. Are you ready?

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