Valve’s Steam Controller and Steam Link pre-orders now shipping

If you pre-ordered either or both of the Valve Steam Controller and Steam Link, then you’re in luck. While some reports were going around that users were receiving their units earlier than expected, Value has officially stated that the devices are now being shipped, again only if you pre-ordered them.

“The first Steam Link and Steam Controller pre-order units are scheduled to arrive over the next few days.

We’re eager to hear your feedback as we continue to make changes and improvements leading up to the full retail launch on November 10th. For the next few weeks, we recommend that you opt in to the Steam client beta (through the System settings panel in the Big Picture UI) so that you’ll be running the most current fixes and functionality.

We’ll be keeping an eye on forums everywhere, but we’ve also set up a contact email address for everyone on the Whether you’re having a great time or running into issues, we want to know.

Thank you”

So be on the look out if you pre-ordered either of the devices, otherwise get ready to up your local Gamestop stores on November 10, 2015 if you missed out the first time.