Ubisoft Is Streaming A Juicy Teaser Right Now

Twitter has been ablaze for the past half-hour with speculation regarding a sudden and unexpected stream that Ubisoft has begun on Youtube. Simply titled “Ubisoft Announcement – COMING SOON”, the video is a shot of a cave drawing that depicts a man holding a spear and bow. In the background, we can hear growling and muffled voices echoing against the crackling of a fire, whose embers float about the foreground. 

The flavor text below says “Survival is timeless.” 

This motif screams Far Cry to me. But what is Far Cry game without C4 charges to throw on enemy vehicles and super-charismatic drug lords? A prehistoric game seems a stretch too far for that series. Granted, this is only a teaser, with something more concrete clearly being announced in the near future. The child inside of me really hopes that somehow, some way, this is a new Turok game.  

Stay tuned for an update to this surprisingly exciting start of a new week. The video itself can be watched below.