Twilight Princess HD On The Horizon?

@NWPlayer123, or “Octogirl”, of Splatoon-hacking fame, took to twitter yesterday afternoon with a very interesting find. She posted a conversation with a colleague in which, while scourging the Nintendo E-Shop, he came across an interesting bit of data. A home menu icon and title ID, which according to “zhuowei” was relatively new. The picture should be pretty familiar for Nintendo fans:  


To be clear all that was found was this icon. As “zhuowei” himself pointed out, this could very well be a placeholder or a piece of data left to “troll people”. No game data was found, and anything regarding the meaning behind this find is pure speculation.

However, @NWPlayer123 makes a good point that, when interviewed by Polygon in September of 2013 regarding The Wind Waker HD, series lead Eiji Aonuma did confirm that when the project had begun, it was just an experiment. Originally, said Aonuma, the team was testing the HD waters with multiple titles, including Twilight Princess. At the time, his statement was, “I can’t say that the possibility is zero that those (Twilight Princess and Skyword Sword) will be made into HD.” However, Aonuma made it clear that his focus was on the next installment.

This leads to the question: will we see a Twilight Princess HD? More likely, any release of the classic title on Wii U will be on the Virtual Console. Then again, if there is enough to work with already that a full HD remaster would not be too resource intensive, perhaps Nintendo would be wise to capitalize on it. After all, fans grow more wary by the day that The Legend of Zelda Wii U is becoming The Legend of Zelda NX, and Nintendo will need some more ammunition to survive until the launch of their next console. I’m just speculating, but hey, we’re gamers, and we love to speculate. 

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