TOKYO GHOUL Possibly Gets Third Anime Season

During a press release made by GameSamba, the company behind such games as a free-to-play online MMO featuring Fairy Tail as well as an upcoming mobile game for Tokyo Ghoul, FUNimation made a statement that the Tokyo Ghoul anime is set to have a third season sometime in 2016.  While the news got many Tokyo Ghoul fans excited, FUNimation became more clouded in their statement when asked for clarification simply stating that they were “anticipating a 2016 release.”  Many were wondering if FUNimation was referring to the third season of Tokyo Ghoul or the upcoming mobile game, which is, scheduled for release in 2016 on iOS and Android.  The fact that they didn’t clearly define what it was they were anticipating are making fans wonder if the company misspoke during the press release.

Sui Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul has already spawned two anime seasons which finished the source material for the first manga.  A new manga called Tokyo Ghoul:re is currently being published in Japan and would, most likely, serve as the source material for the third season should it actually be green-lit. 

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