SWORD ART ONLINE Movie Announced

Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online novel series will be getting a movie produced by A-1 Pictures.  The announcement came Sunday at the 2015 Dengeki Bunko Anime Festival’s stage event. An announcement video was also posted Sunday on Dengeki Online that highlights scenes from the anime series and makes the announcement for the upcoming movie.

Official Announce Video

The movie is set to be an original story and not a recap of the first two anime seasons. Director Tomohiko Ito, who handled the television anime series, will be returning to direct the movie. Shingo Adachi, who designed the characters for the television anime, will also make a return for this project. Reki Kawahara is writing the original story and has gone on record saying that more information about this movie will be revealed on October 10, 2015 in the next issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine.  

The event also revealed Sword Art Online: Music Collection… a collection of 131 tracks featuring Yuki Kajiura’s music from the Sword Art Online television anime series as well as unreleased tracks never heard before.  The collection will span 4 CDs and will even include a Blu-Ray disc that will feature the Sword Art Online: Sing All Overtures live performance from February 1st. The collection will ship on January 27, 2016. 

In addition to the movie and the music collection, illustrator abec will also have a art book available as well. Fans can vote for which characters will appear on the cover, but no release information has been given pertaining to the art book.

The Sword Art Online light novel series has spawned two seasons worth of animes entitled Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II.  It has also produced OVA specials such as Sword Art Offline and Sword Art Online: Extra Edition.  It has also spawned three video games: Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment, Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment, and Sword Art Online: Lost Song. Several Manga adaptations of the light novel series have also been produced.

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