Upcoming Street Fighter V beta test 2 details revealed!

Street Fighter V is the most hyped upcoming fighting game on the market, and as such, people cannot wait to get their hands on it. About a month ago, the first run of the game’s beta was made available on PlayStation 4 around a month ago, and now details for the second run have been released via Japanese site 4gamer.net

Evidently, Japanese sign-ups for the beta are from the 7th to the 14th*, with the actual beta running from the 22nd through the 25th. According to the site, the first two days will be PS4 only with the last two having cross-play with both the PS4 and PC versions.

As for the roster; as opposed to building on the previous beta (which featured Ryu, Chun Li, Birdie, Cammy, Bison, and Nash), the second run will feature six fresh characters: Ken, Necalli, Vega, Mika, Rashid, and Karin. 

PC Play
We’re opening up beta access to PC users for the first time. Please check the minimum specs post here to make sure that your PC is able to run SFV properly. Although the minimum specs will allow you to run SFV on your PC, the recommended specs will ensure you have an optimal SFV experience. PC users gain access to the beta starting October 24th.

PS4 to PC Cross-Platform Play
We will be testing out PS4 to PC cross-platform play functionality on October 24th and 25th. This is a first for us and we are very excited for players across both platforms to finally have a chance to battle one another. Make sure to bring your best strategies as the number of people that you can fight against will be that much larger this time around.

Ranked Matchmaking
Do you desire to only play the strongest around? Well, ranked matchmaking will definitely be the way to go. Players will be automatically paired with someone of equal skill, with pairings becoming more difficult the better one performs. GET HYPE!

Combined Leaderboards
We will be keeping track of the beta’s cream of the crop through our leaderboards. This is the perfect time to show everyone (PC and PS4 users) that you’re the best around as your name shines brightly above the others.

Player Search
Interested in seeing what strategies the top players on the leaderboard are employing? Well, with the implementation of player search functionality, you can see what they’re doing and also check out their fighter profile.

Fight Money Unlockables
During the last beta, many players accumulated a lot of Fight Money, which they weren’t able to use. This changes as we’re testing out the ability to unlock items through fight money. Players can look forward to unlocking titles and maybe even the Kanzuki Estate stage.

Oh and just so we’re all on the same page, all things acquired (Fight Money, leaderboard status, titles) will only be available during this beta and will not carry over onto the next beta nor onto final release. The Fight Money pricing of items available to unlock and the rate that Fight Money is obtained are both still placeholder, and will not be indicative of the final product.

Looks like some thirst will be sated this time around

Looks like some thirst will be sated this time around

There was also some talk about Capcom Fighters Network**, but due to limited translation ability; it is hard to be sure, but it would seem that CFN integration is planned for the beta.

Also, people who participate in the beta for two days’ time will be granted a set of Halloween-themed character outfits for Ultra Street Fighter IV that will be delivered on the 28th.

How much of this is accurate to how the process will go down in the west has yet to be seen, but with the presence of these skins in the article, it’s a safe bet that this is accurate to how this will be working in Japan at least.

Source: 4gamer.net

** EU has seperate sign-ups, US gets beta access through pre-order

**Second half of the post

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