Star Wars Battlefront season pass, game modes detailed

EA and DICE have announced a season pass for Star Wars Battlefront, along with details on several game modes.

The season pass is available for preorder and promises 4 expansion packs for the game with two week early-access for each, as well as an exclusive “Shoot First” emote. The season pass will set you back $50. Also announced was the Ultimate Edition, which bundles the Deluxe Edition with the season pass.

In addition, multiple game modes were detailed in blog posts on the official game website. Hero Hunt mode starts with one player as a Hero or Villain character based on which planet the match is on, with 7 other players on the opposing side. If a player manages to take down the Hero, they then replace that lone player as the Hero and must face the opposing team themselves. Check out the post for more details.

The next game mode explained is Cargo, which is much like capture-the-flag, but with a self proclaimed “tug-of-war” style twist on it. The score begins as 5-5, and teams must collect cargo to return to their base. The cargo is not team specific, and a capture shifts the score in the other direction, leaving the team with the higher score at the end of the match as the victor.

Lastly detailed was Droid Run, where teams will go on a search for 3 GNK droids and fight for control over them before time runs out. Heroes and Vehicles will be disabled for this game mode, leaving teams to work closely together in the field to find the droids before the enemy.

Star Wars Battlefront is shaping up to be a swell game, and you can check out some first day impressions here. Also, if you didn’t get to play the beta much, it was extended to today, so get out there and take down some rebel scum.

Star Wars Battlefront is set to release on November 17, 2015.