Stan Lee Teams With Studio DEEN to Create THE REFLECTION

An announcement was made on Saturday that Studio DEEN is collaborating with comic legend Stan Lee to produce a new television anime series called The Reflection. Lee will be teaming with Mushishi‘s Hiroshi Nagahama for the project.  As far as the premise behind the new anime series, Studio DEEN offered the following synopsis:

“After THE REFLECTION, some of the people in all parts of the world are discovered with super powers. Some become heroes, and others villains. How did the Reflection happen? What was the cause of it? With many unsolved mysteries, the world is lead into turmoil.”

The project was unveiled at the 2015 Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles on Friday. The series will be created for Japanese television primarily, but will eventually be localized in many countries around the world.   There is no expected air date for this series just yet.

This isn’t Stan Lee’s first foray into the world of Japanese animation.  He teamed with animation studio BONES to create the 2010 anime series Heroman.  He then went on to co-create the Ultimo manga along side Hiroyuki Takei who is known for the popular series Shaman King.  Lee has also collaborated with YOSHIKI, co-founder of one of Japan’s top metal bands X Japan, on a comic project. In return, Japan has adapted several of Lee’s Marvel Comics into anime including Iron Man and The X-Men.

The trailer for the series is narrated by Stan Lee himself and can be viewed below

The Reflection Official Trailer