NYCC 2015: Lunar Toy Store has prototype TMNT figures and more

While being pushed and showed, I noticed some pretty cool looking toys sitting on a display, so I made my way over to it. Little did I know that I had arrived at the Lunar Toy Store, and while it was just as packed in side the store as it was outside, they did have a lot of cool looking toys, including prototypes of the upcoming Dream Ex Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures as well as the First Gokin NT-02 Shredder. Supposedly Krang was also supposed to be there but I didn’t see it or perhaps it was blocked.

However I did manage to get a ton of pictures of the area, so you can enjoy them anytime you want.

lunartoystore1 lunartoystore2 lunartoystore3 lunartoystore5 lunartoystore6 lunartoystore7 lunartoystore8 lunartoystore9 lunartoystore10 lunartoystore11 lunartoystore12 lunartoystore13 lunartoystore14 lunartoystore15 lunartoystore16 lunartoystore17 o0lunartoystore19 lunartoystore20 lunartoystore22 lunartoystore23 lunartoystore24lunartoystore25

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