NYCC 2015: Kotobukiya ArtFX statues on display

The company, Kotobukiya, is always on point when it comes to conventions, especially the Comic Con events. While we previously posted images of their Star Wars line-up here, we’re finishing up with their ArtFX line-up. Tons here for everyone, from Halo 5Black Butler, Mass Effect, Street Fighter, Tekken and more… much more. And yes, there’s also some Bishoujo’s in there as well.

But you see those images below don’t you? You’re probably not even reading this right now.

Right click and open a new tab or window to get the full image.

nycc2015-koto-artfx55 nycc2015-koto-artfx53 nycc2015-koto-artfx52 nycc2015-koto-artfx51 nycc2015-koto-artfx50
nycc2015-koto-artfx48 nycc2015-koto-artfx47 nycc2015-koto-artfx46 nycc2015-koto-artfx45 nycc2015-koto-artfx44 nycc2015-koto-artfx43 nycc2015-koto-artfx42 nycc2015-koto-artfx41 nycc2015-koto-artfx40 nycc2015-koto-artfx39 nycc2015-koto-artfx38 nycc2015-koto-artfx37 nycc2015-koto-artfx36 nycc2015-koto-artfx35 nycc2015-koto-artfx34 nycc2015-koto-artfx33 nycc2015-koto-artfx32 nycc2015-koto-artfx31 nycc2015-koto-artfx30 nycc2015-koto-artfx29 nycc2015-koto-artfx28 nycc2015-koto-artfx27 nycc2015-koto-artfx26 nycc2015-koto-artfx25 nycc2015-koto-artfx24 nycc2015-koto-artfx23 nycc2015-koto-artfx22 nycc2015-koto-artfx21 nycc2015-koto-artfx20 nycc2015-koto-artfx19 nycc2015-koto-artfx18 nycc2015-koto-artfx17 nycc2015-koto-artfx16 nycc2015-koto-artfx15 nycc2015-koto-artfx14 nycc2015-koto-artfx13 nycc2015-koto-artfx12 nycc2015-koto-artfx11 nycc2015-koto-artfx10 nycc2015-koto-artfx9 nycc2015-koto-artfx8 nycc2015-koto-artfx7 nycc2015-koto-artfx6 nycc2015-koto-artfx5 nycc2015-koto-artfx4 nycc2015-koto-artfx3 nycc2015-koto-artfx2

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