No More Street Fighter V Beta Keys?

A bit over a week ago, on October 6th, I pre-ordered Street Fighter V on Amazon. At the time I was operating under the rumor that a beta was scheduled for the next day, so I asked if there was any way I could get my key early, and I was told that they would do what they could. A week passed without word, so I asked again: they apologized and said someone would be back to me within two business days.

The resulting email was horrifying in both its speed and message. 

A few hours later, I receive an email stating that the offer is no longer valid and that any codes would not work. I was horrified. Not only because I’m now unable to participate in the beta, but because at the time of writing this, Amazon is still advertising that you get beta access with pre-order. 


After cooling down, I looked at other options and noticed that Best Buy’s site doesn’t list Beta access as a pre-order bonus. This is causing me to think that this whole time there was an expiration date on gaining beta access and nobody told us. 


Will update as more news develops.

Update: Gamestop still distributes working keys with pre-order, so if you’re still looking, hit them up.