No Man’s Sky Gets Release Window

It’s not the news that many of us wanted, but at least we know. Sony just showed off a brand new trailer for No Man’s Sky, and along with it, a release window in June of 2016. 

The rumor had been that Hello Games was going to drop the bomb today with a surprise release, a rumor that was shot down by Sean Murray himself a few days ago on Twitter. At this point, fans had been speculating about a release announcement at any and every event that arose out of sheer desperation. The “soon” that was promised at E3 this past summer was not soon enough.

But, now we know, and I am sure the rabid fans will not be happy about the wait. Fortunately, the trailer was nice enough. As a first, we actually hear some narration, though I wonder if it is actually in-game audio or if it was recorded for the trailer. Check back soon, as I’m sure I’m going to have some more to say about this.


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