QQ Sweeper Vol 1 Review

150693Title: QQ Sweeper
Author: Kyousuke Motomu
Publisher: VIZ Media
Language: English
Format: Paperback
Chapters: 5
Pages: 155
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shoujo

The world is a dirty place. Everything from physical objects to people’s souls are filled with dirt. In QQ Sweeper, Kyutaro Horikita is the cleaning expert of Kurokado High, but there is more than meets the eye to the physical dust in the school. In unclean rooms, the threat of bugs can appear, but these bugs are not your normal insects… they are spirits that can infect a person, feeding off of their negative emtions and, if left unchecked, can destroy a person’s mind.

One day, a girl is found to be sleeping in the old abandoned building at the school. Her name is Fumi Nishioka and having no family to take her in and nowhere to go, she trains to become a cleaner alongside Horikita after accidentally stumbling into a doorway leading to an Alice in Wonderland-like experience. However, she soon discovers that sweeping floors won’t be her only job. She will be tasked with entering these doorways once again into a place known as the Mind Vault.. a realm inside an infested person’s mind, to exterminate the spirit insects before they can infest their victim’s minds.

Final Word
QQ Sweeper is deceptively interesting. The concept of entering another person’s mind through a dimensional doorway is intriguing… it almost gives off a Twilight Zone feeling to it, but the fact that they are up against spirit insects raises even more questions such as where did they originate from and why are they here in our world?

I also like the fact that there seems to be a bit more to Fumi than meets the eye. Not to give away too much, but she was able to defeat a rather large spirit insect in just one punch. Typically if someone touches an insect, they can become affected by it, but Fumi was perfectly fine. This leads to some suspicion and the first volumes ends on that cliffhanger that there may be something more to Fumi than just being a lonely and abandoned girl.

The first volume did set up a nice introduction to the series. We saw just how dedicated Kurokado is to cleaning and the lengths he goes to in order to ensure that the job gets done correctly. The introduction of the spirit insects is also established in a solid manner and Fumi, while seemingly very plain as far as a character goes, immediately gets some intrigue added to her. This series accomplished a lot in five short chapters and I like where this is heading.

QQ Sweeper has ended in Japan with a total of fifteen chapters so this is a short series, but despite that, I’m eager to see what else is to come!

This manga was provided for review by VIZ Media.

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