Is Sony Actually Tackling Big PSN Issues?

Are you ready to finally be able to change your PSN name, which was, for many, first created when offensive jokes regarding one’s private areas were thought to be mature, sensible discourse? A NeoGAF user today stated that he was invited by Sony to a special survey regarding the Playstation Network. Most notably, if the screenshot below is to be believed, Sony is looking to find out what players want the most from a long list of grievances regarding absent features. I guess he already passed the page regarding, you know, PSN not crashing all of the time.


Aside from being able to change our usernames, the other big ones include PS1 and PS2 classics, basic filtering and folder options, library clean-up, and ‘offline’ mode. This page in particular is asking the user to pick those of greatest importance to them.

Now, don’t worry. I would bet a good chunk of money that Sony didn’t contract a third party to conduct a survey in order to find out how much people want this stuff. They know their fans have been clamoring for it, that’s why it is there. In my mind, there are really only three reasons for this survey to exist. The most logical is that they are doing research in order to prioritize what features they will be, or are, working on. The second would be that they are engaging in a simple marketing scheme. PSX 2015 will be held in early December, just a little over a month away. This could just be a way to get the base excited, as announcements regarding PSN updates are just the kind of thing you save for that kind of event, where the your crowd is the hardcore.

Last but not least, the third reason: that guy could be trolling. But I don’t really believe that, primarily because of the second screenshot:


The question asked is when the next major update (which would be System Software 4.0) could be expected. I truly believe that Sony is trying to gauge how much they need to devote to their next PSN update in terms of resources, and what features it will include as well as a time frame are the two most relevant questions. Not that you have to be a genius to figure that out, but these types of surveys are done all of the time.

However, it would be pretty cool if Shuhei Yoshida stepped on the stage in San Francisco, logged in, changed his username, and stepped off without saying a word.      

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