Hot Toys Star Wars First Order Flametrooper available for pre-order

Hot Toys / Sideshow Collectible has been putting our some really nice Star Wars merchandise for quite some time now, and from the looks of this fella, it doesn’t seem like they have any plans on stopping. Announced today is the Star Wars First Order Flame Trooper, a sixth scale figure that has been created from the same characters that will be featured in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

A high accurate six scale figure, the Hot Toys Star Wars First Order Flametrooper comes complete with it’s signature helmet and armor, as well as a deadly flamethrower backpack and rifle, all of which sits on top of a specially designed hexagonal stand that has a crafted First Order emblem embedded on it. I guess with a flamethrower, they really don’t need to be a good shot to hit their target, they can just burn it all!

Star Wars First Order Flametrooper is currently available for pre-order at $234.99, but won’t be available for shipping until Q2/Q3 2016. Damn it, I was trying to hold on to my money. So much for that now, I gotta have one of these.

To get more information on the Star Wars First Order Flametrooper or to order your own, head on over to Sideshow Toys.

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