Details on the upcoming Street Fighter V beta released

Over at Capcom Unity, ComboFiend has made an update regarding phase 2 of the Street Fighter V beta. As you all know, or maybe you didn’t, the second part of the beta starts on 10/21 and will run up until 10/25. As such a few details regarding the beta were released today, for those looking to play with the beta.

First and foremost, both PC and PS4 players will be able to battle it out via cross-platform play, definitely exciting to see this being tested this time. They’ll also give access to all of the newer characters; Ken, Vega, R.Mika, Necalli and Karin during this beta. Sadly there wouldn’t be any play time for Zangief or Laura, I know I was eager to check them both out, but hopefully next time. And lastly the did give the PC gamers some more time to play during the beta as it was previously announced that the PC beta would start on 10/24 as opposed to the now announced date of 10/23.

SFV 2nd Beta Details

  • 10/21/15 18:00 PST (10/22 02:00 BST/10:00 JST) – The second SFV beta begins for PS4 users. Characters available: Ken, Necalli, Vega, R. Mika
  • 10/22/15 14:00 PST (22:00 BST/ 10/23 06:00 JST) – Servers down for scheduled maintenance for 12 hours.
  • 10/23/15 02:00 PST (10:00 BST/18:00 JST) – Servers back online. Rashid unlocked.
  • 10/23/15 09:00 PST (17:00 BST/ 10/24 01:00 JST) – The second SFV beta begins for both PC and PS4 users (cross-platform play).
  • 10/23/15 17:00 PST (10/24 01:00 BST/09:00 JST) – Karin unlocked.
  • 10/24/15 04:00 PST (12:00 BST/20:00 JST) – Servers down for scheduled maintenance for 10 hours.
  • 10/24/15 14:00 PST (22:00 BST/ 10/25 06:00 JST) – Servers back online.
  • 10/25/15 16:00 PST (10/26 0:00 BST/ 08:00 JST) – Beta 2 concludes.
  • So there you go! Get ready World Warriors to get it on when 10/21 rolls around.

Source: Capcom Unity

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