Yoshinori Ono Teases Street Fighter 5 News

More news on the Street Fighter front as Yoshinori Ono (executive producer of Street Fighter 5) has teased an image in which Ryu is blocking an incoming attack that seems to be akin to a Hadoken. What’s interesting about this is that Ono’s notorious Blanka action figure is covering part of the screen. There would be little to cover up if that hand belonged to a character that is already announced as being in the cast, and considering that Ono tweeted about more SFV news coming at Dubai Games 15 (which is both coming this Friday and tagged on the teaser image) right after Rainbow Mika’s reveal, chances are that a new character is to be revealed Friday. 

Many seem to be hoping that what they’re seeing is a redesigned Aegis Reflector from Street Fighter III: Third Strike’s UrienHowever, this is actually the default block particle effect. In fact, it’s not even certain that what’s shown is even a projectile. So the question remains, who could this mystery fighter be? 

Nash blocking Necalli’s Critical Art. Notice the Blue outer ring and the burst in the center.

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