Witcher 3 Expansion Coming Sooner Than You Think

If you’ve somehow managed through the last year without having heard of Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, it is a title in which you play as the famed monster hunter Geralt of Rivia as he navigates the world on a drunken horse named Roach. The game was wildly successful, despite Roach’s debauchery. 

CD Projekt Red announced via Twitter this morning that the first expansion for Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, titled Hearts of Stone, will be arriving October 13. We even got a nice little teaser:

These guys do not waste time, apparently. While that is certainly a good thing, many players, myself included, are now cowering in fear as we’ve come nowhere near to completion of the vanilla story. Now we must push on with this expansion looming as well as the fall lineup of games. Curse you, CD Projekt Red!!!

In Hearts of Stone, players will “step again into the shoes of Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer, this time hired to defeat a ruthless bandit captain, Olgierd von Everec.” According to the trailer description, there will even be a new romance packed into the extra 10 hours of content. Let’s hope that Roach has put down the bottle. 

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