Uncharted: Golden Abyss was originally considered for The Nathan Drake collection

Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection is under two weeks away; bringing three games from the blockbuster series to the Playstation 4. Why the specification? Why not say all Uncharted games? Well, that’s because the three Playstation 3 titles were not all of the games. Some may remember, and some may have forgotten, but there was an entry on the Vita dubbed Uncharted: Golden Abyss. 

Now, with that said, why is Golden Abyss not included in The Nathan Drake collection? According to  Naughty Dog Community Strategist Arne Meyer, Golden Abyss was simply not part of the canon they wanted to present in the collection, stating:
 “It was definitely under consideration, because we were trying to see how we could collect all of the Uncharted games. But when we went back and looked at what we were trying to do with the Nathan Drake Collection, we realized that those three games – the trilogy – actually provided a particular narrative arc that led into Uncharted 4. We wanted to keep that as a holistic collection for that reason, and Golden Abyss kind of lives a little bit outside of that.”

As such, it’s reasonable to say that The Nathan Drake Collection exists not to give players access to the games for the sake of having them, but to accommodate players who missed entries (Or are new to the series entirely) and give them a chance to catch up on the story leading into the next game.
This begs the question: Is Uncharted 4 going to be so grand that it demands players catch up on lore? Only time will tell.

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