Earlier this year, Youtube announced they were going to compete with Twitch and do live streaming. Many figured that this would be the end or the start of the end for Twitch, however it seems that Twitch was cooking something in the background and they don’t plan on going down without a fight.

In fact just a few minutes ago, not only did Twitch announce via TwitchCon 2016 that they would be finally (Officially) moving away from the Flash player, which will be replaced with an HTML5, but they also announced that Twitch will support uploads in 2016. That’s right, just as Youtube moved into Twitch’s arena, it seems Twitch will start to play in Youtube’s backyard. Expect this some time around Q2 2016.

Lastly, Twitch is coming to both the PlayStatation 4 and PS Vita via native apps for the systems. Twitch states this will start to be rolled out later this year in Fall 2015.

Update: Twitch also announced that they will also incorporate playlists which will let you continuously show previously recorded streams while you aren’t actively streaming. Meaning your channel will continue to show content when you aren’t online, similar to how Youtube does it now.  There will also be a new whisper chat system in place that, which will help whispers not getting lost among the constant rolling Twitch chat.


The year 2016 is going to heat up between the two media / streaming giants, that’s for sure.

Source: TwitchCon 2015

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