So my wife was right after all about Venom Snake’s horn in MGSV:TPP

During my game-time with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, my wife would occasionally come and sit down next to me, becoming my second pair of eyes and ears. Not that I needed her to do that, but it’s fun getting her involved with me and it was something she used to do many years ago when she was pregnant with our children, where she’d help with Final Fantasy 7 and other various games.

But with MGSV:TPP, she keep pointing out that the horn on Venom Snake’s head was getting bigger, which I quickly dismissed.  However she kept harping on about it and even got my daughter involved, which I again was like “you’re both crazy”. However it seems I own them both an apology, thanks to PC Gamer. Over at their site they put up an article stating that your game style will alter the size of that horn, in particular if you play nice or naughty. So there’s a karma system in place, which will dictate the size of said horn. Of course I play naughty, I’m Venom Snake (Or am I?), so that would be why it’s steadily growing. Anything that is deemed negative like harming animals, killing people (really?) or one of my past times – body slamming my staff on Mother Base.


Being a bad guy will make you horn grow… not that horn! And apparently there are three different levels as well; The regular horn you start out with, another at 20,000 demon points which features it’s own cut-scene and then another at 50,000 demon points. If you do manage the 50,000 points then Snake will also permanently be covered in blood, so showers won’t help you. I can still shower so I’m below that. However you can decrease your “Demonic Level” by point nice stuff, like extracting children soldiers, creating and visiting a zoo at Mother Base. 

So there you go, I never realized there was a system in place for this in the game. And I’m probably not going to hear the end of this anytime soon.

Source: PC Gamer

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