Recapping Gameinformer’s Dark Souls 3 8/9/2015 update

Gameinformer has been providing weekly updates regarding the status of the upcoming sequel in the Dark Souls series, Dark Souls III. As such they’ve revealed several key details, some of which may be considered sore points from many of the fans of the series. Check out my recap of the what was discussed on the last update from Gameinformer.


  • Fast Travel will make its return. This mechanic was introduced in Dark Souls II and allows the player to instantly warp to a bonfire that was discovered in a new area. While someone similar to the original mechanic in Dark Souls, where you could only warp once you obtained the Lordvessel. Remember that sort point I mentioned, well this is it as many players of the series seem to dislike this ability and feel that it detracts from the adventure and journey. As for me, I’m glad it made it back, you don’t have to use it if you don’t want to gang.
  • Players will be able to re-spec their points instead of re-rolling a new character, however the team hasn’t decided on how to approach this as of yet.
  • There will be a +game more and it will be similar to Dark Souls II, with different enemy placements, new weapons and items.

  • Bonfire Ascetics, which allowed you to increase the difficulty of an area without beating the game, will not return. This is a shame as it allowed gamers to “cheat” the system by allowing them to beat the stage and boss and reset it to gain more souls and items at a increased level difficulty.
  • Durability, another sore point from Dark Souls II (only on PC) is also still up in the air. Miyazaki’s take is that durability in Dark Souls I and II is that they broken to easily. I’m sure he’s well aware of the durability issue from Dark Souls II on PC, where it was tied to the frame rate and pushing it to 60 fps caused items to degrade at twice the rate. Yes that bug was fixed, but only after an entire year and only while Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin was released.

  • Invasions and Summoning will not change, unlike the rumor that it would shift more towards how Bloodborne handles them. In addition, SL or soul level will be used instead of soul memory, which made it harder for people to find matches or to be invaded for that matter. Miyazaki also went on to state that gamers will no longer need to depend on items, such as the cracked red eye orbs or cracked blue orbs for performing invasions.
  • Hidden walls will also make a return but will act similar to how they reacted to Dark Souls, having you strike the wall, unlike in Dark Souls II where you were forced to press the interact button. I like this idea as part of the fun was smashing certain walls to see if they would reveal something or not, or finding them while in the middle of a fight for dear life. Miyazaki seems to area on that point.

They also touched based on the change to the magic system, which of which can be read here.

So far, Dark Souls III is starting to shape up pretty nicely. And being a huge fan of the series, I can’t wait to see what magic Miyazaki works with the upcoming sequel. And thanks to Gameinformer for making this game a focus point and providing so much coverage on the game. Stay tuned to the Gameinformer Dark Souls III hub, by heading over to, for more updates as they come.


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