Pokémon Company possibly teasing gen 7?

The Pokémon Company just recently announced their upcoming mobile title, Pokémon Go, much to the excitement of millennials worldwide. Finally, last year’s April Fool’s joke, the Google Maps: Pokémon Challenge, will come to fruition in allowing people to achieve the most realistic Pokémon experience available to law-abiding enthusiasts everywhere. The news does not end here however. During the announcement, an image of the Pokémon was shown, only marking the release dates of titles which debuted a new generation, with the timeline leaving a blank space at 2016. For those unaware, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary for the series, and as such, it makes sense that something as momentous as a new generation would be released. Even though Pokémon Go was revealed for the same year, surely it would have appeared in the timeline for 2016 if that were the intended game to showcase for the year; moreover, it cannot be coincidence that only generation-introducing titles are shown, as entries as Hey You, Pikachu! or even Pokémon snap would have made more sense in relation to Go

Obviously, nothing is yet set in stone, but the evidence is adding up. If you want to learn more about Pokémon Go, you can read up  here.