Playstation Blog Details Latest PS4 System Software 3.00

The latest information for the next PS4 System Software update has been revealed.

Posted to the Playstation Blog, the details for System Software Version 3.00, codename Kenshin, include the following features:

  • Online storage capacity has been increased from 1 GB to 10 GB for PS Plus members, and a usage meter is being added to view how much space is available.
  • Live streaming to Youtube will be available, including the Youtube Gaming website and mobile app.
  • An event hub is being implemented to display upcoming activities for your favorite games, including official broadcasts.
  • The friends app is getting a Favorite Groups feature, to quickly access groups of friends you play with the most.
  • Communities are also being added, with message boards, shared screenshots, and public parties to connect with other people who have similar game interests as you.
  • The ability to share 10 second video clips directly to Twitter.
  • Stickers are being added to the Messages app.
  • The Now Playing and What’s New screens are to be expanded to give more information and options.
  • Live from Playstation is being improved.
  • Requesting to watch a friend’s gameplay session will be added.

All of this and more will be the focus of the beta program for those who were selected, which begins today. It should be noted that all of these are subject to change, but these all seem to be awesome additions to the System Software, so let’s hope they all remain. Sony commented that official launch timing will be announced soon.

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